Life as we know it

Dull Dreams

Thoughts suppressed,

Dreams grew.

Just when I thought it was over, the soul cried.

” Pull yourself together, this is NOT you!” but its too late, it has already begun.

Slowly but surely I moved towards the bright side of my dreams.

One day maybe someday healing will begin and I’ll be whole again.


By: thatafricangurl

(c) copyrighted, 2018

Life as we know it

Talk less… Happy Monday

Happy New Month one and all!! I have to say that it’s been a challenging, exciting few months that I haven’t blogged. Am super grateful to God for allowing me and each of us to come into this new month of October. To me, it represents an opportunity for change, a chance for hope and a new start.

My experiences over September taught me to talk less. You know, sometimes we and when I say we, I am referring to both sexes, we tend to say too much, give out unnecessary information that not only harms us but causes us regret the things we have uttered. When we are angry, and the other party is not helping.. in Belize we say ”  yoh blaze up the flame! ” ” He brings the gas and yoh bring the wood” it takes two to start a fight or an argument.

Even in the workplace, talking less allows me to think through properly to avoid any unnecessary drama. So with that said, Have a blessed and happy Monday.


  • Always love, thatafricangurl
Life as we know it


Life has taught me to take several breaks.  Breaks from work, relationships and people. Many times we get so cumbered with “activities ” that we don’t get the chance to step aside and take care of ourselves. Too busy making everyone else happy and laughing. 

But, what about you? What about me? We work for hours at our jobs and then spend couple more hours with “friends” at the end, we only give ourselves bedtime and bath time just to go do it all over again. 

Take a break. Am taking a break, not that I have friends as such but to get refreshed from within. To prioritize the things that matters most and to step away from the distraction. 

😙 thatafricangurl 

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July 25th Bus

July 25th today. I took the bus to work, not because I enjoy the public transportation but mainly because the battery of my car decided it no longer wanted to serve me. As I climbed onto the bus, the only concern I had was the ability to get to work still smelling like me. Am so very familiar with the horror stories of getting hit over the head, toes stepped on and armpits over faces bus experience.

Image result for belize signToday was different, I was bright and bubbly on the inside. I enjoyed this morning’s ride, it was a beautiful and sunny 6:45 am unlike the others I have had. In Belize, its summer everyday and that’s what makes me do it all over again. It’s a beautiful country!


Bubbly girl – thatafricangurl

Life as we know it

Just Do

You are enough..

To That person who sits and wonders why, how can I make them see me for me… maybe if I tried a little more, worked a little harder maybe, just maybe I can bring myself to be enough. Enough to be loved, enough to be comfortable with.

To that teenager who feels no one understands what goes on in their minds, the daily, hourly struggles. You are good enough.

that girl who got pregnant at 16, shame flushed her face and her heart died slowly within her, because she though all hope was lost and she was no a nobody. You are loved, more than you will ever know. You ARE enough.

be enough for yourself. Stand tall and DO, do for your future, you’re past will thank you for it.



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Mental Trip to Friday

Each day comes with challenges. sometimes, the problems we face often feels like the sky has fallen. Oh but five O’clock seems so far away as I sit constantly sighing and peeking to see if my colleagues are doing something more “exciting” than I am.  Yes, it’s work but can I get just a little break to – do that secret dance that I do when no one’s watching? that was Friday.

Today is Monday. A new day with new challenges and problems.  But my mind has slowly begun to gather the problems of Friday for a continuation today. The dreadful mental trip to Friday, suddenly tightened my shoes to my feet, the pain felt confusing. I was not sure if it was really my shoes or maybe because am hungry…

I think I will go buy some shoes. After all, it does have a smoothing effect for both the mind and the feet.



Life as we know it

Live again

Just a little longer, I sat and waited for the right words, the ticking of the clock so loud, loud enough for me to hear 1,2,3,4,5 each second as it passed by.

The words you spoke did no justice to my aching ear. oh how my ears bled to your indecent words. Must you speak this way? I asked. My heart ran far away, as it fought to escape the grips of a naughty mind.

Away from me you fowl person! speak life into me, build me up, encourage my growth… as you walked away, my heart returned and my soul smiled once more.


By: thatafricangurl

(c) copyrighted, 2017