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Mental Trip to Friday

Each day comes with challenges. sometimes, the problems we face often feels like the sky has fallen. Oh but five O’clock seems so far away as I sit constantly sighing and peeking to see if my colleagues are doing something more “exciting” than I am.  Yes, it’s work but can I get just a little break to – do that secret dance that I do when no one’s watching? that was Friday.

Today is Monday. A new day with new challenges and problems.  But my mind has slowly begun to gather the problems of Friday for a continuation today. The dreadful mental trip to Friday, suddenly tightened my shoes to my feet, the pain felt confusing. I was not sure if it was really my shoes or maybe because am hungry…

I think I will go buy some shoes. After all, it does have a smoothing effect for both the mind and the feet.



Life as we know it

Live again

Just a little longer, I sat and waited for the right words, the ticking of the clock so loud, loud enough for me to hear 1,2,3,4,5 each second as it passed by.

The words you spoke did no justice to my aching ear. oh how my ears bled to your indecent words. Must you speak this way? I asked. My heart ran far away, as it fought to escape the grips of a naughty mind.

Away from me you fowl person! speak life into me, build me up, encourage my growth… as you walked away, my heart returned and my soul smiled once more.



All in Belize

Relaxed Piano….

Where are the days going? time flies by so fast which makes me wonder if I was granted the same 24 hours a day as the universe. It’s crazy I tell ya! anyway, I have been so tied up with many things lately. My intentions when I restarted this blog page was to constantly post every two days tops. However; we know things do not really work out the way we plan all the time.

Joggling between work, school and a newly addition activities, such as the new youth leader in my church and I also joined a music school to learn how to play the piano. So you can imagine the busyness. I had also want to learn how to play that darn instrument, a colleague encouraged  me to make the move and sign up so I did.  I made the the commitment to register and stick to it until I become good at it.

I pray God gives me more grace to pull through all these responsibilities gracefully.


If anyone of you guys play the piano, please feel free to advise, or forward me to resources that can help in my learning. Thanks mucho!



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No Frogs

I hate frogs to the extent I think, I think I fear those creatures too. you know the  type of  hatred that makes your skin itch and heart beat fast? Hmmmm, that’s fear. Truth is, frogs never did anything to me in the past, other than being their froggy-self jumping on anything and anyone. But this had me thinking, having strong dislike towards something will soon turn into hatred of it if care is not taken.  And hatred turns to fears as well, Like my frog situation. God I despise those things!

You see dear friend, The devil plants fear into our hearts from things or people we strong dislike because of one thing or the other. But In 2 Timothy 1:7 says “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” We must therefore always remember what God has given us, Power- over the devil and his devises. Love – towards ourselves and everyone around us whether we find them agreeable or not. If we truly love one another, there will be no room for malice, anger, and bitterness towards the other. 1 Peter 4:8 ” Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.” Love blindly towards all men because God loved and died for us still while we were yet sinners (Romans 5:8) 

Sound mind, God has given us sound mind over the noises of the enemy. Over his evil reports concerning our lives and  the lives of our loved ones. Sound mind over anxiety, sleepless night. I find myself been very anxious at times over situations that is clearly beyond my control. Paying my tuition,  I can only do so much, but I trust God to see me through. Why loose sleep over what you can not change? 1 Peter 5:7 “ Casting all your care (Worries, Anxiety) upon him; for he careth for you.”

Be encouraged, God is interested in every little thing about you.





Hold on

It’s not as bad as it looked, although it looks bad
Hold on to hope and believe that with just a little understanding, everything will work out for the best.
It always does in the end. And those things you thought you’d never survive, you will be on top.

Hold on to hope and never loose faith.

thatafricangurl~ be encouraged

Life as we know it

Pillow knows it all

Surface lies, the skies tell stories.

Truth lies deep within all that is hidden from the naked eyes.

Pillows knows it all, as it absorbs the river of tears that only the heart truly understands.

Cherry smiles and loud giggles all to dissuade those who dares to say hello.

it poured like the rain I heard on my rooftop last night and yesteryears, but dries up by the morning and life, well life went on.

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Shadow Neighbor

What is seem within a smile, does it truly come from the heart?  is the frown deep enough or does it just linger momentarily between the brows. My eyes I was told gives me away. Vain efforts to conceal the hidden, yet the dull shadow neighbors my footsteps exposing the cloudy thoughts which my mind is yet to understand.

Still I smile, without the crow’s feet pattern, without the sparkle which brightens a gloomy morning. ” Is something on your mind?” she asked, as I struggled to  perfect the fake smile hoping that soon enough it might be real, to be seen and in my mind to believe, still the eyes gave me away.