Hold on

It’s not as bad as it looked, although it looks bad
Hold on to hope and believe that with just a little understanding, everything will work out for the best.
It always does in the end. And those things you thought you’d never survive, you will be on top.

Hold on to hope and never loose faith.

thatafricangurl~ be encouraged

Life as we know it

Pillow knows it all

Surface lies, the skies tell stories.

Truth lies deep within all that is hidden from the naked eyes.

Pillows knows it all, as it absorbs the river of tears that only the heart truly understands.

Cherry smiles and loud giggles all to dissuade those who dares to say hello.

it poured like the rain I heard on my rooftop last night and yesteryears, but dries up by the morning and life, well life went on.

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Shadow Neighbor

What is seem within a smile, does it truly come from the heart?  is the frown deep enough or does it just linger momentarily between the brows. My eyes I was told gives me away. Vain efforts to conceal the hidden, yet the dull shadow neighbors my footsteps exposing the cloudy thoughts which my mind is yet to understand.

Still I smile, without the crow’s feet pattern, without the sparkle which brightens a gloomy morning. ” Is something on your mind?” she asked, as I struggled to  perfect the fake smile hoping that soon enough it might be real, to be seen and in my mind to believe, still the eyes gave me away.




Life as we know it

Sensitive Much – I see you

I think that at some time today (Whenever today is for you) you’ve gotten annoyed by overly sensitivity of people, you know that one person who feel the universe rotates around them? when they are sad all should equally be sad as well? No darling. It is not always about you. You see, sometimes we allow things that are not worth our time, and our sadness take a toll on us dragging us into a hole.

I write, not as an expert in this area but, as  one who finds it annoying. So here is what should done to snap out of it.

  1. Smile and wave – Like in the Madagascar movie. Don’t let the tiny things happening get to you so much. Smile and move on physically and mentally.
  2. Forgive – Forgive them for they know not what they do. When someone or people is behaving in this matter, don’t worry about it, because they probably did not realize that they are pushing others away.
  3. Stop Reading between the damn lines – No, don’t do it! reading between the lines will get you stressed out. Don’t read additional meaning from what someone says to you. Take it as it is and if otherwise is meant, allow the person to state it clearly. Don’t do it for them.

Don’t sink.


Life as we know it

Lovely Imperfection

Finding love, I’ve often wondered where to seek, where to search, where to look.
Love is of God, he grants the desires of our hearts. Granted! Love is an emotion, a person, an action, it’s everything. Everything that we desire, need and crave for.
Made to believe I was, made to understand I thought, that culture played a role in this adventure of life in search for love. ” He must be of your kind, they said; speak your native tongue, he must! ”
And I ask myself  everyday does love choose nations, people or race when it’s prepared to attach itself onto those who seek for it?
Does to speak a language that only a few could understand? Or does it move freely without boundaries and limitations of culture, people and tribe?

Love must first be found from within, acceptance of all imperfections within and holding on to a beautifully imperfect you. That is love.




Customer Service: Make Customers not Sales!


“People makes the world go around” a reality that many businesses fail to take seriously. Business Industries needs people on a whole to survive. People = potential customers= loyal customer.

Having a good customer service relationship with your “customer” is the way to keep them coming back! Regardless of the quality of your product or the awesome brand it carries, if you treat the people walking into your business in a crappy way, it will come back to bite you hard real quickly.

Each person  walking into your business doors is a potential customer, you will have them based on the way you interact with them. Am honestly tired of walking into a business place and the receptionist is looking and speaking to me as if i came to beg or am being a nuisance. ” ARE  YOU KIDDING ME?? ” you need my business, my money in order for you to remain in this business competition.

The other thing, Oh Gosh! Phone manners… Can someone please tell me why when you call a company, the tone on voice that your call is received is so depressing and sad?? Like  ( Jane) is having a bad day? When personal problems are transferred to customers, you will definitely lose that client.


Bottom line is this: Make your customers happy, make them develop a trust in you, and NEVER EVER LIE TO THEM because when you do.. well you don’t need a ghost to tell you that you will be screwed for a very long time. A bad experience spreads like wild-fire.



Does Having an Education make us Happy?


Was in a conversation today with a friend concerning certain issues, there was something that she said that had me thinking…. ” you see what education does, it makes us to analysis everything…. get to the tiny details  of everything before taking one step forward into the unknown….. ” Oh well, am just going to live my life”

Thinking…. What does your education do for you? Do you feel that you have the ability to live your life in a wise but, yet fulfilling way? Do you feel restricted sometimes because you know too much?

Please share your thoughts…. comment.