Only tales

Face paint and bleeding ink was all there was to her.


By: thatafricangurl

(c) copyrighted, 2018


Soul’s Dance

Her smile so wide, eyes brightly colored by the reflection of the flowers. She’s so beautiful, oh so beautiful. She moved with grace and class. Every word she spoke had the power to heal any wounded soul. I called her mommy and she called me baby.

I heard your voice the other day. Wait, it was everyday speaking into my heart. I heard you say keep going. Your smile warmed my heart and the teardrops ceased to fall.

My sunshine in the mist of gloomy days, you always knew how to make my soul dance to the rhythm of its own beats.


By: thatafricangurl

(c) copyrighted, 2018

Just Thinking

She sat at a distance, but everyone could see her. The party started feets began to moves rhythmically. She was the life of any party. But not this party. Toying with thoughts that filled her mind, she smiled to herself because it had to be done. It had to be said, even if no one wanted to hear or accept it. The truth about her reality was hers to own, to build.

Distant her mind. She held out her hand as always to help those around hoping that one day, she too will be helped.

March now

Life happened and eyes were opened, yet the sunrise has not fully risen.

31 and counting yet goals still pending. To build a life of love and dreams and of everything good. My vision remains strong because one day, someday things fallen apart will be made whole and life, well life will be roses in the mist of thorns.

Its a new season, a new day an opportunity to make it count once again. Feel free to applaud yourselves for making it this far because the tears are ice and laughter is your friend.

By: thatafricangurl

(c) copyrighted, 2018

I fell today

I fell five times today,

Yet you loved me still.

I fell 6 times before,

And you stretched out your hand to hold me.

Times and times again, am left speechless at you unfailing love for me,

even when I can not feel my legs. But you still remain the same God.


– Am grateful for your Love.


By: thatafricangurl

(c) copyrighted, 2017

Dull Dreams

Thoughts suppressed,

Dreams grew.

Just when I thought it was over, the soul cried.

” Pull yourself together, this is NOT you!” but its too late, it has already begun.

Slowly but surely I moved towards the bright side of my dreams.

One day maybe someday healing will begin and I’ll be whole again.


By: thatafricangurl

(c) copyrighted, 2017