Mind’s Picture

Colored canvas, restless hands moving swiftly as it tattooed pictures of the mind. Why does the shadow dance in the twilight? Oh it’s hard to believe that the mind colors life brightly while many suffer in silence but smiles at the dawning of a new day.

Minds opened, doors closes yet we strive to barge into the unknown of life with salient laughter and glossy eyes.

We push.

We endure.

We conquer.


(c)  2018- Drawing by me.


Your Friend,

Hi Guys, I have never really said thank you for following me and for reading my writings. I’d like to be more committed than I am now you know, to keep your interest popping 🙂 I enjoy reading from you all as well.

I’ve been thinking of friendships lately. We all have friends, but do we really understand what it means to be a friend? it is difficult for me to believe that one person can have 20 (twenty) committed friends. Not fair weather or sunny day friends, but ones that are genuinely concerned and cares about your well-being. My circle has always and will always be small because it is very important to be accountable to those you let into your life to share your space and attention with.

Just a thought guys.

Have a blessed Sunday y’all



March now

Life happened and eyes were opened, yet the sunrise has not fully risen.

31 and counting yet goals still pending. To build a life of love and dreams and of everything good. My vision remains strong because one day, someday things fallen apart will be made whole and life, well life will be roses in the mist of thorns.

Its a new season, a new day an opportunity to make it count once again. Feel free to applaud yourselves for making it this far because the tears are ice and laughter is your friend.

By: thatafricangurl

(c) copyrighted, 2018

July 25th Bus

July 25th today. I took the bus to work, not because I enjoy the public transportation but mainly because the battery of my car decided it no longer wanted to serve me. As I climbed onto the bus, the only concern I had was the ability to get to work still smelling like me. Am so very familiar with the horror stories of getting hit over the head, toes stepped on and armpits over faces bus experience.

Image result for belize signToday was different, I was bright and bubbly on the inside. I enjoyed this morning’s ride, it was a beautiful and sunny 6:45 am unlike the others I have had. In Belize, its summer everyday and that’s what makes me do it all over again. It’s a beautiful country!


Bubbly girl – thatafricangurl

Mental Trip to Friday

Each day comes with challenges. sometimes, the problems we face often feels like the sky has fallen. Oh but five O’clock seems so far away as I sit constantly sighing and peeking to see if my colleagues are doing something more “exciting” than I am.  Yes, it’s work but can I get just a little break to – do that secret dance that I do when no one’s watching? that was Friday.

Today is Monday. A new day with new challenges and problems.  But my mind has slowly begun to gather the problems of Friday for a continuation today. The dreadful mental trip to Friday, suddenly tightened my shoes to my feet, the pain felt confusing. I was not sure if it was really my shoes or maybe because am hungry…

I think I will go buy some shoes. After all, it does have a smoothing effect for both the mind and the feet.