Just Thinking

She sat at a distance, but everyone could see her. The party started feets began to moves rhythmically. She was the life of any party. But not this party. Toying with thoughts that filled her mind, she smiled to herself because it had to be done. It had to be said, even if no one wanted to hear or accept it. The truth about her reality was hers to own, to build.

Distant her mind. She held out her hand as always to help those around hoping that one day, she too will be helped.


July 25th Bus

July 25th today. I took the bus to work, not because I enjoy the public transportation but mainly because the battery of my car decided it no longer wanted to serve me. As I climbed onto the bus, the only concern I had was the ability to get to work still smelling like me. Am so very familiar with the horror stories of getting hit over the head, toes stepped on and armpits over faces bus experience.

Image result for belize signToday was different, I was bright and bubbly on the inside. I enjoyed this morning’s ride, it was a beautiful and sunny 6:45 am unlike the others I have had. In Belize, its summer everyday and that’s what makes me do it all over again. It’s a beautiful country!


Bubbly girl – thatafricangurl

Relaxed Piano….

Where are the days going? time flies by so fast which makes me wonder if I was granted the same 24 hours a day as the universe. It’s crazy I tell ya! anyway, I have been so tied up with many things lately. My intentions when I restarted this blog page was to constantly post every two days tops. However; we know things do not really work out the way we plan all the time.

Joggling between work, school and a newly addition activities, such as the new youth leader in my church and I also joined a music school to learn how to play the piano. So you can imagine the busyness. I had also want to learn how to play that darn instrument, a colleague encouraged  me to make the move and sign up so I did.  I made the the commitment to register and stick to it until I become good at it.

I pray God gives me more grace to pull through all these responsibilities gracefully.


If anyone of you guys play the piano, please feel free to advise, or forward me to resources that can help in my learning. Thanks mucho!



Hard to say till we meet again sometimes….

A girlfriend told me this morning, Oz am leaving Belize on the 10 of August and not sure if I’ll be back. May things ran through my mind as i thought about her words… ” no more blackgial wey deh gawaan? or show mi wha lei move lol” A friend so close known her since my little brother was in standard 3. it later came back to me that God send people in my path way, either to show me something about myself or to place something in me. …. “Lunch at Calypso later mi gial..”