Relaxed Piano….

Where are the days going? time flies by so fast which makes me wonder if I was granted the same 24 hours a day as the universe. It’s crazy I tell ya! anyway, I have been so tied up with many things lately. My intentions when I restarted this blog page was to constantly post every two days tops. However; we know things do not really work out the way we plan all the time.

Joggling between work, school and a newly addition activities, such as the new youth leader in my church and I also joined a music school to learn how to play the piano. So you can imagine the busyness. I had also want to learn how to play that darn instrument, a colleague encouraged  me to make the move and sign up so I did.  I made the the commitment to register and stick to it until I become good at it.

I pray God gives me more grace to pull through all these responsibilities gracefully.


If anyone of you guys play the piano, please feel free to advise, or forward me to resources that can help in my learning. Thanks mucho!




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