I Am Guilty


Learning to exhale, I hold my breathe still, holding on to the ” what ifs” of life

thinking of the ” should haves” of my expectations. Holding on to the clouds

Am guilty, guilty for not letting go of empty dreams and promises of a happy ending. Gripping for straws at my wits’ end. 

Let go of  things, persons that no longer brings you peace. Many times we hold on to the thoughts of a happy ending in whatever it may be. We Hold on to friendships that is clearly not encouraging and building us up all in the name of ” I’ve known him/her for many years” so what? Sometimes, those who we have only known for months are the rare gems we need in  our lives.

Do not get carried away by the shininess of damaging situations/friendships/relationships. Inner peace is greater than short lived smiles.

Am guilty!

Are you?



Come Monday

I sang today.

I sang to myself when the doors were closed.

My heart shouted the lines of that song, you know that one that brings a smile to your face when it comes on the radio?

…. Baby don’t worry… about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright….

I moved my body and tapped my heels until I made myself believe its lyrics.

Reality sank into me and I knew that everything will be alright.

Its 9 am and the customers started pouring in, yet that silly grin remained on my face because my heart was happy and I knew it would be a beautiful June 18.



Silent thoughts

Fighting for words yet my lips are sealed. As I screamed through the silence of the night. It’s So hard to have so much to say, but unable to say them.

It’s morning again and am still here lost in the multitude of unspoken lyrics. Games of the mind populates. Pressured to ease the sounds of my slient thought…. I write and that was all she wrote.

Mind’s Picture

Colored canvas, restless hands moving swiftly as it tattooed pictures of the mind. Why does the shadow dance in the twilight? Oh it’s hard to believe that the mind colors life brightly while many suffer in silence but smiles at the dawning of a new day.

Minds opened, doors closes yet we strive to barge into the unknown of life with salient laughter and glossy eyes.

We push.

We endure.

We conquer.


(c)  2018- Drawing by me.

Your Friend,

Hi Guys, I have never really said thank you for following me and for reading my writings. I’d like to be more committed than I am now you know, to keep your interest popping 🙂 I enjoy reading from you all as well.

I’ve been thinking of friendships lately. We all have friends, but do we really understand what it means to be a friend? it is difficult for me to believe that one person can have 20 (twenty) committed friends. Not fair weather or sunny day friends, but ones that are genuinely concerned and cares about your well-being. My circle has always and will always be small because it is very important to be accountable to those you let into your life to share your space and attention with.

Just a thought guys.

Have a blessed Sunday y’all



Distant Passenger

Distant passenger. Minds connected. Hearts beating. Do you beat for me as I beat for you?

In my mind I smiled as the thoughts of you raced in my head but my heart, my heart got so tight as the fear grew and anxiety overtook me slowly. Slowly as it crushed into my glass heart like a thief, I dispelled them with sour uncertainties because stolen smiles and butterflies are my security.

Come closer, a little closer oh so I can inhale your perfect aroma, you know I can taste it by now don’t you? Don’t be shy, don’t be so hard on yourself, you already have the smile keep the butterflies too.

(photo by google, Belize- sunset)